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Volt owners exceeding 98 miles per gallon and 900 miles between fill ups

Owners of Chevrolet Volts have led the industry in highest customer satisfaction for two years running, and it’s easy to see why.  Recent reports have verified that Volt owners are consistently achieving the published EPA-estimated mileage of 98 MPGe gasoline-free miles, with many even exceeding it.  MPGe is the measure of average distance traveled per unit of energy consumed, and is used to compare fuel economy of electric and alternative fuel vehicles with conventional internal combustion vehicles.

No matter how you calculate it, the results are impressive.  Chevrolet Volt owners worldwide have driven a staggering 150 million electric-powered miles, roughly the distance from Earth to Mars.  All these electric miles means less pollution of the environment and less money spent at the gas station.

The typical Volt owner drives 900 miles between fill-ups at the gas station, with many owners exceeding this average by far.  The Volt’s advanced lithium-ion battery works in tandem with an onboard gas generator that produces electricity, so depending on your trip lengths and how often you’re able to charge, you may barely use any gas at all.  This has been a reality for increasing numbers of Volt owners across the country.  Volt owner Brent Waldrep from Auburn Hills, Mich. has only filled his tank twice in almost 24,000 miles of driving.  Larry Read from Canyon Lake, Texas has driven 5,000 miles on a single tank.  Paul Friday of San Jose, Calif. fills up every 7,000 miles.

While the savings at the gas pump are significant, it’s not the only way the Volt can save you money.  Be sure to check out the Volt tax credit of up to $7500, not to mention the Volt leasing offers here at Rogers Auto Group, one of the premier Chevrolet Dealers in Chicago.

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Mobile Navigation-Voice Command App Available for the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic

As our lives become increasingly connected with technology, so it follows that the cars we drive keep up with the trend.  At the forefront of this technology is Chevrolet and its sophisticated but user-friendly MyLink system that brings comfort, convenience and safety to your fingertips.   General Motors is upping the ante for the 2013 Chevrolet Sonic and 2013 Chevrolet Spark by partnering with the new BringGo smartphone app to bring ultimate navigation functionality to the Spark and Sonic.

How does it work?  Simply download the BringGo app to your compatible smartphone and sync it to the Chevrolet MyLink touch-screen in your Sonic or Spark.  Your drive will instantly be enhanced with GPS navigation and traffic features such as turn-by-turn directions, an Eco driving profile, 3-D maps featuring lane suggestions, traffic alerts, route information that includes alternate map views, estimated time of arrival, remaining distance and fuel cost.  The app also includes instant access to emergency locations and thousands of points of interest.  View your route on the MyLink touch screen, and then easily access a wealth of information regarding traffic reports, lane closures, stops along the way and much more.

All this extra navigation savvy is on top of the standard features of the Chevrolet MyLink system, which are anything but standard.   Use voice control to make phone calls, select radio stations, or play music from your phone.  Hear and compose text messages without taking your eyes off the road.  Link up with Pandora for Spark and Sonic for the ultimate listening experience on your road trips.  Compatible iPhone users can even use Siri Eyes Free to control all kinds of functions through voice commands and steering wheel mounted controls.

For more information about adding BringGo to your Spark or Sonic, visit Rogers Chevrolet, one of the premier Chevrolet Dealers in Chicago.

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The Hyundai Motozuma Rebate to buy a car has been extended is a social savings website that has been in the business of helping people save up for an automobile purchase since 2009.  Under a mission of “Click. Save. Drive,” Motozuma has put a contemporary twist on saving for a vehicle, making it easier to save your own money, accept donations from friends and family, and even receive matching dollars from manufacturing partners.

The latest news is that Motozuma is extending their $500 down payment match offer on new Hyundai vehicles through the end of 2013.  Simply sign up for a Motozuma account and start saving.  Hyundai will match dollar for dollar up to $500 toward the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle. There are no sign-up fees, no service fees and no transaction fees.  It is essentially like getting a free $500 reward just for using this great website!

You can use your Motozuma Rebate toward any of the new Hyundai vehicles in Rogers’ large inventory.  As the premier Hyundai dealer in Chicago, we offer a full stock of compacts like the Accent, Elantra, and Veloster, sedans like the Sonata and Azera, crossovers like the Tuscon and Santa Fe, and premium vehicles like the Genesis and Genesis Coupe.

For more information and to create your account in minutes, check out or Motozuma on Facebook.

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