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Pitted Against Zombies? Hyundai has your Back

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead then you’re probably excited to see it back from its mid-season break. A few of us at Rogers Auto Group are avid followers of the show, so we liked digging back into the Hyundai YouTube files to find this humorous commercial.

I think we all know one or two people like this, but at the end of the world we guess it wouldn’t be so bad to form an alliance with the slightly annoying dude who owns a tricked out Hyundai death machine.

Whether you download the app or play online, you too can have the chance to build your zombie-deterrent-mobile. You can design it with carnage in mind by adding spikes and weapons or if you prefer to go the safety route go crazy with the armor panels.

At our Chicago, IL location we have a great selection of new Hyundai vehicles that will get you around regardless of it’s your daily commute or if you’re fleeing a group of infected half-dead.


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Hyundai Uses Dad’s Sixth Sense in the new Genesis

One of Hyundai’s two Super Bowl commercials used the innate ability of “dad” to show how the new 2015 Genesis is a smart and responsive safety vehicle. We thought this quick, 30-second spot was simple, funny and right to the point. The car you put your family in should be able to protect them, which is precisely what the Genesis does in certain situations. Take a look.

From infant-hood to teenage years, there’s a bunch of situations you have to protect your kids from, none more scary than when they first start driving. But automotive technology nowadays makes it a little easier on you, especially when teenage hormones occasionally take your kid’s eyes off the road.

Rogers Auto Group, conveniently located at 2720 S Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL is always willing to help you find a safe, reliable vehicle for you and your family. Ask us about loans and lease options.

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