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The Ultimate Co-Pilot: The Hyundai Sonata

No one likes a backseat driver, but a good co-pilot? Those are always welcome, but hard to come by. In the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata you will find yourself collaborating with the ultimate co-pilot. Take a look:

Class-exclusive technology begins with the hands-free smart trunk. When your Hyundai Sonata senses the Proximity Key close behind the vehicle, or within three feet for morthan three seconds, expect your trunk to open without lifting a finger.

On the interior, the Hyundai Sonata features a five or eight in touchscreen wit heverything you need, from a navigation system to a rearview camera. With SiriusXM Travel Link® you can search for everything nearby, including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses. You can find an ATM, have it tell you the weather and the latest gas prices, and even find the closest theatre with the movie show time you’ve been looking for. How’s that for an organized co-pilot>

Never again will you have to endure embarrassment over your poor parking job with the help of the rearview camera with guidelines to show you where the tight spots are and eliminate the guesswork from backing up.

If you’re ready to adopt the smartest co-pilot there ever was, visit us at Rogers Auto Group for a test drive and we’ll get you going on the road with the best companion.

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