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Find Your Way Around Easier in the Hyundai Genesis

Would your game improve if your ball had a built-in, smart GPS system to conveniently find its way onto the green? David Feherty, who claims he still has it, sure thinks so, but we’re more interested in having that kind of innovative technology in the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis that will help you get to your destination quicker. Press play to witness some inventive golfing technology and a very useful Hyundai feature, then make your way over to our Chicago, IL dealership.

The clear and concise directions from the voice-guided navigation system help you find your way around without constantly fumbling over your car’s touchscreen. Come over to our dealership to find out how this technology makes our new Hyundai cars convenient and fun to drive.

We hope to see you here at Rogers Auto Group soon, so come over today and take a test drive.

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Unleash the rubber stampede: the countdown to NASCAR begins

Ronald Swanson’s wood-whittling-, red meat- and wilderness- loving ways align with a stereotypical NASCAR viewer. Entertaining yet unsurprising, Ronald Swanson interrupted our football-watching to remind us of America’s other favorite pastime.

An Official Partner of NASCAR, Chevrolet has the most wins in NASCAR history. In other words–that is, in Ronald Swanson speak–Chevrolet has let their beast free like “the rubber hooves of a rubber stampede”. It is no wonder then that this Super Bowl commercial had us bubbling-over with excitement. After all, only a few more months before Chevrolet paves another winning year into its legendary repertoire.

July may be a bit of a ways away; but for all the NASCAR fans in Chicago, time is sure to go by a whole lot faster courtesy of our new Chevrolet models.  Stop on into see us at Rogers Auto Group for a test drive today.


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