About Rogers Auto Group Chicago

Rogers Auto Sales Chicago

The original Rogers Auto Sales in Chicago

Rogers Auto Group began in 1943, founded as Rogers Auto Sales by twin brothers Roger and Leonard Scher.  Originally located at 2535 S. Michigan Ave, Rogers Auto Sales specialized in quality pre-driven vehicles and quickly established itself amongst Chicago’s local economy of small family-owned businesses.

After 13 years of success in Chicago’s Southside as a quality pre-owned car dealer, Roger Scher had the opportunity to acquire a Pontiac franchise in 1956. It’s no surprise that the family business would earn this prestigious honor thanks to its honest reputation and proven track record of success.  Rogers Pontiac was thus born, and the business relocated to 2720 S. Michigan Avenue in 1966 to accommodate its expanding needs.  Rogers Pontiac flourished through the years with successful new Pontiac models alongside its used inventory, and the family involvement in the business also expanded as Roger’s son Monty came aboard.

Rogers' first franchise:  Rogers Pontiac in 1956

Rogers' first franchise: Rogers Pontiac in 1956

Continuing to prosper into the 90’s, Rogers subsequently acquired four new franchises: a Hyundai dealership in 1997, a Buick dealership in 1999, a GMC dealer in 2000, and Chevrolet dealer in 2003.  Rogers’ long-standing relationship in the Chicago community coupled with this new variety of franchises brought the family business much success at the turn of the century.  In addition to the original Pontiac line, Rogers now offered affordable cars from Hyundai, luxury vehicles from Buick, trucks and SUVs from GMC, and a wide variety of family and performance cars from Chevrolet.  Along with this multi-franchise expansion came a 3rd generation family expansion as Monty’s son, John, joined the business in 2000.

Four generations as Rogers Pontiac to now Rogers Auto      Group | Roger Scher (seated) | From left Mayor Richard Daley, John      Scher, and Monty Scher

Mayor Richard Daley with 3 generations of Rogers owners

In 2011, Rogers Auto Group completed a state-of-the-art renovation to both its sales and service departments, a testament and celebration of almost 70 years of hard work since the company’s humble beginnings as a small used car lot.  The new megastore was honored at a dedication ceremony in April 2011, with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley as a special guest, further solidifying Rogers’ strong relationship with the Chicago community.  The values and determination that have brought Rogers Auto Group almost 70 years of success over three family generations have poised the business to continue serving Chicago motorists for many years to come.

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