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GMC Considers Adding More Hybrids and Diesels

Here at Rogers Auto Group, people in search of a new SUV or truck know they can find what they are looking for, and in a wide array of trims and options. That means different available technology or luxury if you choose the Denali option on most models. It also means different fuel options, and GMC is looking to see how expansive it can get with those offerings.

As we move into an era where the demand for capable trucks and SUVs like those found in the new GMC lineup remains high, but the desire for vehicles that provide ample fuel economy has also risen, the automaker wants to be ahead of the curve.

To prepare, GMC has already released models that use three kinds of alternatives: hybrids, diesel, and compressed natural gas. Now, they are thinking they could add more, and improve upon what’s already been done.

Currently, the collection of Sierra vehicles has either a hybrid, diesel or compressed natural gas option. It is joined by the Yukon as a hybrid, and Savana van in the diesel and compressed natural gas segments. To take things to the next level, perhaps we’ll see other vehicles get the same treatment. Maybe a new model entirely? There are plenty of possibilities, and all of them are exciting.

We’ll keep checking in on the news and let you know on our blog if there are any developments on the fuel alternative front. In the meantime, feel free to stop in and see us here in our Chicago, IL showroom. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, and arrange test drives.

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GMC Looking to Add Smaller Crossover to Lineup

These days, people want the utility that a SUV or crossover provide, but want them in various scales and sizes. Here at Rogers Auto Group, we have two standout options: the Yukon and Terrain. Now, it appears that the range of utility vehicle options in our showroom could be set for expansion, as GMC looks to move forward and bring a new model into the mix.

The vehicle would sit below the Terrain, but sport many of the same features we’ve come to love on new GMC vehicles. That is to say it will be rugged and tough, at the very least. All this is according to GM CEO Mark Reuss, who recently spoke about adding new options to the GMC lineup.

Of course, this now opens the door to plenty of speculation. Could this new compact crossover be based on the Granite Concept that was debuted in 2010 at the Detroit Auto Show? What about taking the existing Encore from GMC’s sibling brand Buick, which has been a hit, and giving it some extra flare and GMC styling? There are a lot of directions to go in.

We’ll know for sure when the vehicle arrives in our Chicago, IL showroom. Any updates between now and then can be found on our blog as we strive to keep you informed.

You’re also always welcome here in our showroom, where our team can discuss each and every new GMC option with you. We’ll go over the specs, provide additional details, answer any questions, and arrange a test drive.

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Wireless Pedestrian Detection Technology in Development by General Motors

General Motors announced this week that it’s developing a new technology to help drivers detect pedestrians and bicyclists, with hopes of incorporating this feature into the infotainment systems of future Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles.

The technology relies on Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer wireless communication system that lets devices connect directly with each other rather than through a shared access point like a cell phone tower.  This makes the transfer of data much quicker, a crucial factor in a potential accident situation where seconds count.

GM researchers are working with a means to integrate Wi-Fi Direct with other sensor-based detection and driver alert systems already available in their vehicles.  Pedestrians and bicyclists carrying smartphones equipped with Wi-Fi Direct would be able to directly communicate with the vehicle’s system.   Nady Boules, GM Global R&D director of the Electrical and Control Systems Research Lab, says “This new wireless capability could warn drivers about pedestrians who might be stepping into the roadway from behind a parked vehicle, or bicyclists who are riding in the car’s blind spot.”

Thanks to the quick transfer capabilities of Wi-Fi Direct, compatible devices would be able to connect in approximately one second instead of up to 7 or 8 seconds using a cell phone tower or other external access point.  The connection range for this technology is upwards of 656 feet, the span of over two football fields.

General Motors has always put a premium on safety in their vehicles, not just for the driver, but for the driver’s surroundings.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,280 pedestrians and 618 bicyclists lost their lives in collisions with motor vehicles in 2010.  The incorporation of Wi-Fi Direct could play a significant role in reducing these numbers, and GM is excited for the potential this technology holds.

Aside from safety benefits, the Wi-Fi Direct technology could also open doors for vehicle connectivity in other ways.  Capabilities of vehicles to communicate directly with home computers or other devices could be useful for transferring data like music files and address book.  With technology at the forefront of many consumers’ lives and jobs, this step toward increased vehicle connectivity could make a big impact on the industry.

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Car Credit extended Daily: Rogers Auto Group

Fast, Simple and Driving

The Rogers Auto Group  can get you on the Road regardless of your credit and you can get your next car – What’s Better than That? Even if you have a bankruptcy or less than perfect credit rating, Rogers Auto Group has the car that you need. Our process is quick and pretty painless. Fill out our online application, and one of our loan specialist will contact you with the details. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be driving your new or used car home today? 

So don’t delay fill out your application. 

Click Here to Apply Now!

We are located at

2720 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(866) 797-9556



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Corvette Stingray Concept Cars: Rogers Auto Group

History of the Corvette Stingray

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Rogers Auto Group

The Corvette Stingray was a privately funded concept car that formed a basis for the second (C2) generation Corvette Sting Ray. The Stingray racer-concept car was designed by Bill Mitchell, GM Vice President of styling, and Larry Shinoda in 1957. The basis of the Stingray was the 1957 Corvette SS, an engineering test mule chassis for the creation of an official Chevrolet race effort culminating with the 24 Hours of LeMans. Soon after its race debut, the Automobile Manufacturers Association (AMA) banned manufacturer-sponsored racing, and the SS had been relegated to test track duty. The Stingray exists today with a 327 cubic inch (5.4 L), fuel-injected V-8 of 375 hp (280 kW)


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Second Chance Auto loans: Rogers Auto Group

A Bad Credit Car Dealer Chicago | Second Chance Auto loan

Having bad credit shouldn’t stop you from getting the New or Used vehicle of your dreams. Rogers Auto Group in Chicago has been helping people in the Chicago Area since 1943 and plan on doing so for plenty of years to come. As an authorized bad credit car dealer, Rogers Auto Group in Chicago is one of the last car dealers accepting bad credit in Chicago, Illinois.

When poor credit auto financing was easier, car dealers and bad credit used to go hand in hand. Now it takes work to get a loan with bad credit and Rogers in Chicago is willing to work for you. Our relationships with over 20 bad credit lenders give us the upper hand in negotiating a deal to help those whose credit is challenged, get into a car or truck that fits their needs. Rogers in Chicago usually stocks more than 500 New and Pre-Owned vehicles with access to thousands through dealer networks. Poor credit auto dealers are hard to come by and some car dealers treat customers with second class customer service. At Rogers Auto Group in Chicago, we’re different and we’ll prove it!

Getting a Car Loan With Poor Credit is Easier Than You Think
Bad credit car loans are quite common as nearly a quarter of Chicago Residents are credit-challenged. If you have imperfect credit, you will have little problem of getting the car you’re interested in, as several thousand bad credit car loans are issued everyday in the United States and most are done here at Rogers Auto Group in Chicago.

Ask about our Guaranteed Credit Approval.
Rogers bad credit car dealer in Chicago offers a better way to get a bad credit auto loan for a new or used car. Chicago, apply for car credit financing online.

Before applying for any car loan there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that the process goes smoothly for this specialized area of car finance:

Review your Credit History – Experts in Chicago believe you should review your credit report at least once a year to make sure there are no errors, and this is especially important if you are applying for a poor credit car loan.

Determine How Much You Want to Pay (Payments and Price) – You should have in mind how much you can comfortably afford for your vehicle, for both a down payment and monthly payments. For your bad credit car loan, you can use our car loan calculator to help you crunch the numbers.

Prepare Documentation – To get a bad credit car loan you may need to provide proof of employment and income. It’s helpful to have documentation in hand, such as pay stubs, in case you’re asked for it. You may not need this documentation, but this will speed up the process of getting your bad credit car loan.Rogers Auto Group, a bad credit car dealership, specializes in helping people who have been previously turned down. Each of our special finance specialists have superior knowledge about bad credit car loans for people with charge offs, no credit , bankruptcy, and everything in between.


Common Questions about Bad Credit Auto Financing  

Can I finance a car if I have a bankruptcy? The answer is a definite YES. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. You can definitely buy a car after your Bankruptcy. One of the best ways to restore your credit is an auto loan. There are more and more loan companies that have new programs to help finance people with bad credit. An auto loan is acquired easier than a personal loan or an unsecured loan because the lender can use the car as collateral against the loan, in case the borrower ever defaults or doesn’t make the loan payments. 

Can I finance a car if my credit score is below 500? Some sub-prime lenders will accept credit scores below 500. These new bank programs look more at the person looking for the loan as opposed solely to a credit score. Things like job and residence stability will play a factor in gaining an approval.

Can I finance a car if I had a Repossession? Although a car repossession can damage your credit score. Finance companies have programs tailored for your situation. Finance companies understand that non-payment is not always your fault. They understand issues like job loss, mechanical failures and non-payment from an insurance loss.  

How can I Get an Auto Loan during the Credit Crunch? You want to buy a new vehicle. You’ve determined that you can handle the monthly payments because your job and personal finances are going to be OK. But one concern is holding you back: Can you really get the auto loan you need to complete a purchase? The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!”

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Our Mission: Rogers Auto Group Chicago

Rogers Auto Group: Our Mission

The goal of Rogers Auto Group is to continue to be an industry leader in providing unmatched Automotive Sales and Service in Chicago and the metropolitan area.

·         We will constantly strive to meet the changing needs of our customers and the market.

·         Our aim is to provide an atmosphere that encourages employee teamwork, integrity and excellence.

·         Together we will continually improve sales, service and operational standards to ensure long term market leadership.

·         It is our mission to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations and maintain their loyalty for a lifetime.


Our Philosophy at Rogers Auto Group Chicago

Rogers Auto Group’s philosophy is based on five areas that have been critical to our business success.

Those areas are:

1. Customer Enthusiasm
We believe in completely satisfied customers whom will proudly recommend us to family and friends.

2. Employee Satisfaction
We attract the best and they stay with us long term.

3. Financial Performance
We are profitable and we use our capital wisely to ensure a positive atmosphere for our employees and our clients.

4. Market Penetration
We simply sell a lot of everything and we do it while providing a great value to our customers.

5. Ongoing Improvement
Every day is a starting point from which we will improve on.

Each area of our philosophy is of equal importance to us and is dependant upon each other. We will continually strive to reach a level of excellence in each of them. However, in any planning or decision making process, or in any situation of seeming conflict or contradiction among the five critical areas, customer enthusiasm is our top priority.

Rogers Auto Group proudly serves the customers in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and in the following cities across the Chicago metropolitan area:

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