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Find Your Way Around Easier in the Hyundai Genesis

Would your game improve if your ball had a built-in, smart GPS system to conveniently find its way onto the green? David Feherty, who claims he still has it, sure thinks so, but we’re more interested in having that kind of innovative technology in the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis that will help you get to your destination quicker. Press play to witness some inventive golfing technology and a very useful Hyundai feature, then make your way over to our Chicago, IL dealership.

The clear and concise directions from the voice-guided navigation system help you find your way around without constantly fumbling over your car’s touchscreen. Come over to our dealership to find out how this technology makes our new Hyundai cars convenient and fun to drive.

We hope to see you here at Rogers Auto Group soon, so come over today and take a test drive.

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Hyundai Races for New Development Data

Hyundai is a household name when it comes to motorsports; it’s been that way for years. Now, however, they’re really testing their cars, and drivers, on one of the most daring race tracks there is.

What you see in that sweaty-palms-inducing video is the track of Neste Oil Rally Finland, thousands of Kilometers of hills, turns, and gravel. This race attracts only drivers and automakers who want to reach the highest speeds and biggest jumps.

This is Hyundai’s first year in the Finland race with its team, Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, which is run by Hyundai of Alzenau, Germany. The team is there with a few goals in mind. The first is collect as much development data as possible, the second is to have all 3 cars finish all the races, and the third is to score podiums in the second half. Stay tuned throughout the races to cheer on Hyundai and stop into our Rogers Auto Group dealership to see the latest Hyundai models.

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Pitted Against Zombies? Hyundai has your Back

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead then you’re probably excited to see it back from its mid-season break. A few of us at Rogers Auto Group are avid followers of the show, so we liked digging back into the Hyundai YouTube files to find this humorous commercial.

I think we all know one or two people like this, but at the end of the world we guess it wouldn’t be so bad to form an alliance with the slightly annoying dude who owns a tricked out Hyundai death machine.

Whether you download the app or play online, you too can have the chance to build your zombie-deterrent-mobile. You can design it with carnage in mind by adding spikes and weapons or if you prefer to go the safety route go crazy with the armor panels.

At our Chicago, IL location we have a great selection of new Hyundai vehicles that will get you around regardless of it’s your daily commute or if you’re fleeing a group of infected half-dead.


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Hyundai Uses Dad’s Sixth Sense in the new Genesis

One of Hyundai’s two Super Bowl commercials used the innate ability of “dad” to show how the new 2015 Genesis is a smart and responsive safety vehicle. We thought this quick, 30-second spot was simple, funny and right to the point. The car you put your family in should be able to protect them, which is precisely what the Genesis does in certain situations. Take a look.

From infant-hood to teenage years, there’s a bunch of situations you have to protect your kids from, none more scary than when they first start driving. But automotive technology nowadays makes it a little easier on you, especially when teenage hormones occasionally take your kid’s eyes off the road.

Rogers Auto Group, conveniently located at 2720 S Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL is always willing to help you find a safe, reliable vehicle for you and your family. Ask us about loans and lease options.

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Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Program Bests the Rest

When customers purchase or lease a new Hyundai vehicle at our dealership in Chicago, IL, they are also receiving at least fifteen years of worry-free driving thanks to the auto brand’s highly praised warranty program. In fact, it is recognized as “America’s Best Warranty.”

But the automaker doesn’t stop there. It takes care of those behind the wheel of a used Hyundai as well, with its equally acclaimed Certified Pre-Owned Program.

It, too, has been named America’s Best and helped Hyundai earn the “Best Popular Brand” title at this year’s Certified Pre-Owned Car Awards held by IntelliChoice.

“New car buyers know that Hyundai offers the best overall value in the industry with a tremendous quality lineup and ‘America’s Best Warranty,'” begins Dave Zuchowski, the executive vice president of Sales for Hyundai Motor America.1

“At Hyundai, we make every effort to ensure our vehicles surpass customer expectations and this philosophy extends to pre-owned models,” Zuchowski continues. “This award is proof that our customers shop with confidence knowing we offer the most competitive warranty and Certified Pre-Owned program in the industry.”2

Some of the Hyundai program’s more notable perks include 10 years of 100,000 miles of powertrain warranty, 10 years and unlimited mileage of roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement for covered repairs, and CARFAX vehicle history reports.

Whether you opt for a new Hyundai or a used one, you can feel rest assured that your vehicle is providing the utmost in value and reliability. Ask our team of experts here at Rogers Auto Group for more information.

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Hyundai Incorporates Android-Based Navigation System for All New Models

A recent trend has had automakers from all over the world rushing to install the latest and greatest technologies in their new vehicles, and South Korean automaker Hyundai and its sister brand Kia are no exception. Recently, the two brands announced to the public that will be the first auto brand in the world to use and feature an Android-based navigation system in all of their new upcoming vehicles.

The newly developed systems are actually already available for this and ready to be installed, but it is not precisely clear as to when they will roll out.  If they should not be integrated by the end of this year, one should expect them to arrive in models early next year.   Using Android as the base operating system is sure to be unique as many automakers’ technologies revolve around  separate systems like Apple’s iOS systems using the moniker known as Siri Eyes Free, with Siri being Apples patented voice control.

What is nice about the new Android based system is that it would be available as both an add-on and a pre-installed feature.  Known as Android AVN (audio video navigation) it will allow drivers and passenger to connect their Android phones to hook up to their favorite apps like those for music and control some of the cars systems remotely via Wi-Fi.

Though the details are hazy at the moment, the system is expected  to have its own app store, but no one is really sure if it will be their own system  or if it will connect with Google Play. Rumors have it pegged that first installed systems could be seen in the next Hyundai Genesis and Kia Soul later this year.

For more information about the Android-based  media system as it becomes available, be sure to stay tuned here with our Rogers Auto Group blog, and don’t hesitate to swing by our showroom in Chicago, IL for a look at our excellent selection of new and used cars in the Chicago area!

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Hyundai Starts Thank-You Initiative Drivers for Pediatric Cancer Donations

Hyundai is committed to philanthropy with easily its largest dedication going towards helping to find a cure for pediatric cancer through its nonprofit organization, Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

And, this year as a part of its initiative and also in honor of September, National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hyundai Motor America and its network of dealers are making a grand donation of $10.25 million to pediatric cancer research here in the U.S.

This donation is certainly not the first Hyundai has made to the cause in fact, to date, since Hyundai Hope on Wheels was first established in 1998, it has donated over $72.0 million for U.S. pediatric cancer research.

“With childhood cancer remaining the leading cause of death from disease for children in the U.S., there is an urgent need for more research that can lead to better cures for our children,” says Peter C. Adamson, Chairman of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). “Hyundai and its dealers are bridging the widening gap in childhood cancer research funding and have quickly become one of the largest and more innovative grant providers in the field. We are grateful for their support and efforts to bring our cause to the forefront of the national dialogue.”1.

In an effort to thank all of its customers who purchases of new Hyundai models helped with the large donation(s), Hyundai is launching a new social media campaign called “Every Handprint Tells a Story” with small handprints featuring the Hope on Wheels logo in representation of the hopes, dreams and journeys of the poor children diagnosed with cancer, each day.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hyundai brand, we at Rogers Auto Group invite you to visit us at our convenient location of 2720 S Michigan Ave in Chicago, IL, anytime.

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